The Sunrise management team and its investors have been trying for more than a decade now to be flexible to the changing demand on the market and are constantly upgrading its facilities and services not only to win but also retain the loyalty of its customers.

Let’s go “green”!

There is no other industry that has more to lose from climate change. More and more people are turning to healthy living and preserving of nature. We, at hotel Sunrise, are no exception.

Tons of water and detergents are used every day for unnecessary washing of towels and linen in hotels. Please, help us save the environment by wisely using electricity, water and plastic.

We all prefer and we all love All inclusive service. It is easy and it saves time instead of looking for restaurants every evening and how to entertain our children. Unfortunately it has its disadvantages.Wasting tons of food and drinks, while somebody somewhere is starving and has no drinking water supply. Let us be reasonable consuming food and drinks, because the food that we waste is everything that someone somewhere needs.