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Hotel SUNRISE, property of SUNRISE HOLIDAYS EAD, is a registered administrator of personal data. The objective hereof is to inform you of the practices of Hotel SUNRISE regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data which you provide by staying at our hotel.

Personal information
Personal data we collect includes first name, middle name, surname, personal number, passport data, phone number.
Financial information or data to create an invoice (type and number of the card used for payment, name of cardholder, expiry date and card security code).
Information about the stay of the guests including the dates of arrival and departure, special requests made, observation of your preferences regarding our services (including room preferences, amenities or other services used).
Digital data – video recordings. These are data collected through the CCTV system used by Hotel Sunrise in all areas of public access in our hotel (lobby, reception desk, restaurant, lobby bar, corridors, stairs, entrances) for the purposes of security, observation, control and enforcement of public order.

How do we use your personal data?
We can make a booking and confirm it.
Undertaking the necessary steps to administer these services – registration and invoicing.
Investigating, developing, managing, protecting, and improving the quality of offered services.
Providing information about new products and services that could interest you.
Developing and maintaining the relationship and communication with you.
Invoicing of the used products and services.

When do we disclose personal information?
We disclose personal information to third parties only when the law explicitly stipulates that we are obliged to do so, or in the event of an explicit written order, claim, subpoena, injunction, or another instrument of a competent state body which imposes that obligation upon us.

Knowledge and Consent
We collect personal data when regulation obliges us to do so or when you provide it on a voluntary basis. We normally request consent for the use or disclosure of voluntarily provided personal data at the time of its collection.
We affirm that the personal data collected as stated shall be used solely for legitimate purposes.
You can withdraw your consent for the voluntary provision of personal data at any time by complying with the respective statutory and contractual limitations.

Holding and Storing of Personal Data
We hold your personal data during the time needed to achieve the purpose(s) for which the data has been collected and within the statutory deadlines. The consent provided by you remains valid also after the termination of our relationship.