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The Sunrise team has been working for almost two decades to be flexible and competitive to meet the changing needs of the market and our customers. That is why we are constantly improving the base of the hotel and ourselves so that we not only win you over as customers, but also keep you as such.

Let’s be “green”!

There is no other industry that has so much to lose from climate change as tourism. More and more people are turning to healthy lifestyles and environmental protection. We at Sunrise Hotel stand behind the Green Lifestyle.

Tons of water and detergents are used daily in hotels for unnecessary washing of towels and bed linen. Please help us to preserve the environment by using electricity, electricity and water wisely.

We all love and prefer places where All Inclusive is offered. It is convenient and saves us the trouble of looking for different restaurants every night and ways to entertain our children. Unfortunately, this program also has a downside. We lose weight with leftover food and drinks, and someone is starving somewhere and has no access to drinking water. Let’s be prudent in our consumption of food and drink, because the food we throw away is all that someone needs somewhere.